Blog 1

| September 8, 2014

In the Sheehy reading, it is mentioned about how children click their teeth and tongues by the fascination of the sounds they can make on their own.  Most adults find these behaviors annoying, even though most children are just having fun by experimenting with sound.  This made me think about the annoying barking/ whining/ snoring that comes from my 13 pound King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  Although she is small, she manages to let out the loudest and most ear piercing howls when she thinks someone is coming into my house or when she wants attention.    I immediately think of these sounds as anything but beautiful, the same way many adults find children clicking sounds irritating.  After thinking about this more carefully and reading about this, I realize that children are just having fun in a simple way.  They need nothing else to aid in the discovery of these sounds that they can create with their own bodies.  My dog Chloe is simply being protective in the only way that is immediately readily available.  Although I still struggle to hear beautiful harmonies and colors in these dog sounds, I can appreciate the love and care that is behind the meaning of the sounds.  After this reading I am a bit more aware and understanding to these sounds and why they are important to understand from the eyes of my dog Chloe. Sounds alone may not be easily heard as beautiful, but reasons behind certain sounds can make them heard through new light.